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Dear Australian Business Owner,

Have you recently been told by a digital agency that they can guarantee results? If so, you’ve been lied to. The fact of the matter is that in the world of digital advertising, guaranteeing results is business suicide.

There are no guarantees when it comes to digital advertising. It is not like the analogue advertising marketplace. The platforms that offer digital advertising opportunities – such as Facebook and Google – are uncontrollable and ever-changing beasts. If you believe that they’d ever let an Australian digital agency know their secrets, then you’re more gullible than Detective Charles Boyle.

The good news is that it’s the ways in which digital advertising is different to traditional advertising that make it so profitable. Traditional advertising methods are becoming less and less effective. This is due to the way that people consume their media. Television shows and movies are now accessible for small monthly fees via streaming services – without the ads. People listen to their music via streaming apps, so the audience for radio ads is rapidly diminishing. And, most importantly, digital advertising is significantly cheaper than traditional mediums. Thousands of dollars cheaper.

People are online. They’re consuming, purchasing, reading, learning and meeting online. No one can deny that. Therefore, not advertising to them there is, frankly, stupid.

So we’re left with a quandary. As business owners, we need to be advertising in the digital space, but we can’t trust digital agencies for a guaranteed return on investment.

At Champion, our solution to this problem has become our modus operandi.

We realised early on in our own journey through the world of digital advertising that whilst traditional advertising mediums were no longer effective, the true and tried philosophies of advertising still apply.

So, we don’t change the method behind a hundred years of advertising success, we simply adjust it to fit a digital world.

Age old advertising maxims like, “A consumer must see a brand 5-8 times before they’ll trust it enough to purchase,” are still applied to all campaigns that Champion runs.

And the best thing about that is that in 2018, the tools available to us for targeting the ads we run in the digital marketplace ensure that the ad is being seen only by those who we know are already interested in the product or service your company is offering.

So no, we don’t offer guarantees. But in the past 18 months since we moved into doing this full time, not one of the businesses that have chosen to come on board with us have opted out after 3 months – something we offer all new clients.

Can we guarantee a 400% return on investment in the first month? Absolutely not.

But we do have the knowledge, experience, tools and passion to make your business more profitable. And if, after meeting with us, you can’t see the value in what we propose, we’ll shake hands and go our separate ways.

Put simply, Champion is old school business philosophy for a new school marketplace. So, give us a call and let’s talk about it.

Josh Champion