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Truth is, nobody wants to read something written by an overworked, underpaid, bitter employee who clearly has absolutely no interest in what they’re writing. Here are 6 ways to help you keep that inspiration flowing.

Draw On Your Known Areas Of Inspiration

Everyone knows what inspires them. We are all different, but everyone has those things that make them all tingly. For me it’s listening to music, watching movies or watching big event sport. For you it might be reading a book or gardening. Whatever it is, make sure you do as much of it as possible. The more time you spend doing things that inspire you, the more spontaneous but wonderful ideas will pop into your head.

Get Out From Behind That Damned Keyboard

Humans simply weren’t meant to spend their whole lives cramped over a PC keyboard. It just isn’t natural. So if, like me, you have a tendency to get trapped behind the desk, make a concerted effort to break the habit. Get up and do something else at least three times every day. No matter whether it’s taking the dog for a walk, going for a run or better yet, spending time with loved ones. Not only will this get the creative juices flowing, it will also significantly improve your ergonomic health!

Feed Your Mind

If you write primarily within one niche area, try to get outside the bubble sometimes. Try guest blogging on another area of interest or even just punching out some purple prose on a totally unrelated topic. Sometimes distance from your everyday work is the best thing for it.

Write For Yourself, Not For Your Boss

Whilst writing might be your bread and butter, chances are you initially became a writer because you love it. And every writer has their heroes – be they literary giants or modern journalists. So if the creativity has dried right up, throw yourself into your favourite writing. Hell, after just thirty minutes of reading Dickens, I’m ready to write the next War and Peace. Of course, it’s also prudent to remain realistic.

When Inspiration Comes, Channel It

Too often big ideas result in a burst of writing energy that lasts an hour and then fizzles out in a spectacular collapse. Writing is a lot like drug addiction in that way. So when you do hit the jackpot of inspired ideas, write the idea down before anything else. Map it out, brainstorm. Feed the idea first, then start writing. I find being able to refer to the original idea is like making your inspiration Low GI – it gets released slowly over time.

Chill Out, Man

Lastly and most importantly, keep those stress levels down. I don’t know any writers who can produce their best work when they are stressed out of their minds. Some many have become used to writing stressed but that’s only as a matter of necessity. Work life balance isn’t just a nice idea, it’s actually quite important. I’ve burned through two careers already because I didn’t pay attention to it. You’ll know what destresses you best, but whatever it is – do it. I find a nice glass of red never hurts ;).

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