Self-publishing is a thing. The decision to write a book usually comes quite easily. Often though, The reality of having it published can be sobering. When the publishing industry was dominated by paper, publishing your own book would have been cost prohibitive. In modern times though, eBooks have made it far more viable.

If you’ve got an idea milling around in your head that you feel is worth writing down, consider releasing it as an eBook on Apple’s iBooks or Amazon’s Kindle store. Set the price wherever you want and let those electronic marketplaces do your distribution for you.

There are some technical hurdles to be climbed in regard to preparing your eBook. Both platforms require different formats for the files you present them to sell. Engaging an eBook publisher to turn your word document into an eBook file is really the only cost you should incur when self-publishing via online marketplaces.

A good publisher who knows their way around eBook publishing will be able to create a sale-ready eBook from a text only file within a day. Most will charge extra for cover design. But to save money you could always do the cover design yourself.

If this is something you’re considering, talk to Champion Digital Media¬†today. We’ll walk you through the process and guarantee you a competitive quote. We’re writers, so we understand what it takes to bring a manuscript to life.

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