If you’ve placed the task of creating your website into the hands of a professional web designer, best practice is to leave it there and walk away.

Web designers are not just artists. They have a unique ability to see beyond the prettiness of a website to it’s functionality. The reason you hire them is so that they can combine the two in the most effective way for your business or organisation.

So why, then, would you assume to know more than they do about how your website should function? You may well know a lot about design for other purposes. But website aesthetics are unique in that they should conform to internet wide best practice.

And when web designers tell you about this, they’re not trying to be arrogant. Web design best practices affect how smoothly your website operates. They put the user of the website first. You are not the user of your website. Please remember this.

It’s completely normal for you to have extremely stringent ideas about how your website should look. But if those ideas are outdated it may turn people off your website. Equally, your ideas, whilst technically possible, might create an awkward experience for the user. If this is going to be the case, the designer will tell you. When this happens, accept it.

When designing a user focused website that conforms to all current best practices, designers will ask you for themes to work with. Colours, fonts and images. From there, you need to secede control of the layout to them.

In short, trusting your web designer will, if they are professional, result in a user focused website that stands out from the pack. And these days, the pack is large.

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