Generally, a blog post will come under one of five headings: Options, Knowledge, Advice, Trends or Showcase. Here is a breakdown of those five categories including examples. For argument’s sake, the examples are tailored toward a construction industry blog. Options – A post that gives the reader several different things to choose from. In the construction industry example, it would most likely be building materials. Possible titles:

  • Which Flooring is Right for Your Refit Project?
  • 5 signage lighting effects that will set your business apart

Knowledge – A how to post that informs the reader about a process that you would use on a weekly basis. Providing insight in this way endears you to your potential clients. Possible titles:

  • How to Ensure Your Office Refit is Energy Efficient
  • How to Make Sure You Adhere to SA OHSW Regulations

Advice – A post that shares with the reader something about the industry they don’t already know and pushes them to conclude that you’re who they need. These types of post can also be a good way to profile other people in the industry you’re connected with. Possibly as a way of saying thanks. Possible titles:

  • What You Should Look for in a Project Manager
  • Know Your Tradie: (insert name of contractor you want to profile)

Trends – A post discussing one of the current trends within your industry. Topical posts like this will add to your blog’s credibility. Quote industry professionals where possible. Possible titles:

  • The Pros and Cons of Converted Shipping Containers
  • Construction Spotlight: The New Royal Adelaide Hospital

Showcase – A blog should always be a tool for showing potential clients what you can do. When you complete a project you’re really proud of, crow about it here. These posts are usually image heavy, but make sure the copy clearly highlights your strengths and uses industry keywords. Title structure:

  • Construction Complete: A Showcase of Elite Construct’s (insert project name here) Project

Hope this is useful to all those tearing there hair out over writing effective blog titles! Josh

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