My advice is don’t read philosophy and try to explain SEO on the same day. The two just don’t mix.

My journey as a web design freelancer has been a bumpy one. Hell, it’s still bumpy. I still don’t earn what I know I could and I still can’t seem to land clients via any other means than word of mouth. But I learn from my mistakes and, all things considered, I’ve come a long way in two years. So I keep fighting the good fight. That is, until I stop to think about things like SEO.

The problem is that when I’m not making kickass websites with Divi, I’m interested in reading, contemplating and discussing philosophy. This creates a very significant juxtaposition. Because if, in the same moment that you’re explaining how SEO works, you also consider the meaning of life, your brain tends to shut down for a moment. Because the two are incongruous.

It’s Not Real

SEO – or Search Engine Optimisation – is one of many things that the web 2.0 revolution has spawned that aren’t real. It’s literally been created by those who run search engines to make people more concerned about which page their website will appear on when people search terms related to their industry. In fact, SEO experts would say that it was a mistake for me to use the Australian spelling of optimisation just now because Google will interpret that as less favourable.

The socialist thinker in me hates things like SEO. Just another way for the corporate elite to control our thoughts and behaviour. But the sad fact of the matter is – if you want to be organically discovered by search, you have no choice but to play by the Google SEO rules. Of course, you could short the process and by some Google Ad Words. You know, feed into the capitalist nature of the internet a little more. The issue here is, not everybody has spare cash to throw at advertising (especially freelancers like me). Also, any intelligent potential client will see Ad Words Ads as less credible than organic search results.

Be An Independent Thinker

So what to do? Well, there are actually a plethora of ways to drive traffic to your site. So research them. Don’t drink the kool aid. And in the mean time, use a plugin like Yoast SEO. It’s free and incredibly easy to use. It will make you as SEO ready as you can be without hiring a pro.

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