How To Add A New Post In WordPress

In this series we’ll do some video tutorials on the basics of navigating your way around the WordPress environment.

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How To Generate Business Website Blog Titles

Generally, a blog post will come under one of five headings: Options, Knowledge, Advice, Trends or Showcase.

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What I Learnt From a Neil Patel Webinar

I spent yesterday morning trying haplessly to follow a Neil Patel webinar on how to increase your website traffic. These are the lessons I learned:

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Why You Need To Trust Your Web Designer

If you’ve placed the task of creating your website into the hands of a professional web designer, best practice is to leave it there and walk away.

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Clean Up Your Emails

I do a voluntary role as an editor for a website within the music industry. I get reams of emails everyday. Good God are some of them messy.


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