Communication is everything.

An Online Communication Plan helps you stand out from the crowd.

A Champion Media communication plan is designed to help you get the most out of your business website. It’s one thing to cough up money for a brand new website. It’s quite another to turn it into a useful tool for acquiring new clients.

SEO, many claim, is king of the website. The problem with that approach is that it fails to recognise that there are several factors affecting SEO that are out of your control.

In contrast, building effective relationships between your company’s website and its social media accounts is totally controllable, and it can grow your traffic surprisingly quickly. Where the SEO first method focuses on connecting you with people who are searching for things somehow related to what you’re offering, this approach puts you in front of people who are generally interested in your industry. It’s you going to them rather then them coming to you. Call me old fashioned, but that sounds more like business to me.

The plan includes:

  • Advice on what content to prepare for your website.
  • Where to share it.
  • How to share it.
  • A schedule for posting across all platforms.
  • Advice on writing great article titles.

Of course, the plan can be integrated into any website design project.

One-off Blog Posts

300-400 Words

  • One off 300-400 word blog post
  • Delivered same business day
  • Perfect for product descriptions

600-1000 Words

  • One off 600-1000 word blog post
  • Delivered next business day
  • Suited to editorial style content


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